Monday, July 6, 2015

On Parting Ways with Ragnarok Publications; Devourer of Souls Finds a New Home

After much discussion and deliberation, as of this past Friday, I parted ways with Ragnarok Publications. Though Devourer of Souls' sales has been decent, both myself and the publisher feel the work would be better suited at a more horror-focused publisher. 

So at this time, both the ebook and the paperback are out-of-print (there are some hideously over-priced paperbacks being sold through third-party vendors; please don't buy them). The audiobook, produced by Audible, is still available, and will be for the foreseeable future. 

It should be noted that all accounts have been settled between myself and Ragnarok, and we part amicably. 

The great news is Devourer of Souls will eventually come back to life through Crystal Lake Publishing, joining my other two Clifton Heights books, Things Slip Through, and Through A Mirror, Darkly. This also means it won't be long before we see another great Clifton Heights cover from the inimitable Ben Baldwin.