Saturday, November 28, 2015

Post Black Friday Special: FREE EBOOKS

For the next two days, my supernatural coming of age story, A Night at Old Webb, is free on Kindle. It's one of my favorite stories. Very personal, with the subtlest touch of the supernatural. I hope you'll snag a copy, and share with friends.

Old Webb, an abandoned grammar school just outside Clifton Heights, is the place to be late summer nights in Webb County. A gathering place for friends to be themselves, away from grownups who have forgotten what it means to be young and free.

The summer of 1992, Kevin Ellison spent his Saturday nights there like everyone else. Everything was running according to plan: a college basketball scholarship, school, all the things everyone expected of him.

 Then he met a girl named Michelle Titchner, and everything changed...

"A Night at Old Webb is an intimate tale of youth, wonder, attraction, and exploration of mystical places. Blurring the lines between memoir and fiction, it’s an unsettlingly sweet and sad story about friends, new and old, standing around being young together.” - Mercedes M. Yardley, author of Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu

But that's not all. Join my newsletter, and you'll not only get the three free ebooks promised, you'll also get Things Slip Through, Through A Mirror, Darkly, and something ELSE special for free the next two days, also.

That's SEVEN free ebooks, for the next two days.

How can you go wrong?