Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Devourer of Souls Re-Release Freebies

Friday, April 1st is the re-release day for Devourer of Souls, a novella duet set in the small Adirondack town of Clifton Heights, New York. In celebration, as always, especially for folks who haven't yet visited the humble town of Clifton Heights, I offer you the following titles free on Kindle for the next three days. Also, I chat some today on the Crystal Lake blog about the inspiration for "Sophan," the first novella from Devourer of Souls.

Clifton Heights Tales:

Strange Days
The Way of Ah-Tzenul
The Gate and the Way
Bassler Road 
Way Station
The Sliding
A Brother's Keeper

Hiram Grange & The Chosen One
American Horror Cinema