Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My Stuff: Go Bots, Orbots, Transformers and Tripods

I grew up during the age of the original Transformers and Go-Bots (a cheaper version of Transformers). I had the toys, I watched the cartoon, and everything was very fine. Far as I was concerned, this was the best time ever for cartoons and their toys. In addition to the former, Saturday mornings and after school hours were filled with G. I. Joe, Thundercats, Dungeons & Dragons, Pole Position, Orbots, The Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends and The Incredible Hulk hour, Super Friends, and who knows how many others. They were silly and ridiculous and shallow, commercially-driven toy advertisements which ran for a whole season, but even so. They fired the early sparks of my imagination.

Also of huge importance was the comic strip version of Johnathon Christoper's When the Tripods Came, The White Mountains, featured in Boy's Life Magazine, and I'm mentioning it here simply because my old Transformer (a Decepticon, to be exact) and Voltron-Rip-Off Toy stand before the book. Waiting for that monthly installment of The White Mountians was a pleasurable agony, and I believe that those sluggish, H. G. Wells Martian-rip-offs offered me my first shivers of cosmic horror.

I have no idea what happened to my Boy's Life magazines. And sadly, The White Mountains comic strips have never been collected into one edition. You know who wil be all over that when it happens...