Saturday, March 19, 2016

My Stuff: Life, Painted in Testors

So let's keep this rolling for the five of you who are following, shall we? A big portion of my childhood is bound up in Testors airplane glue or Elmer's glue (for the cardboard models) and coated with Testors paint. The first model I "built" was a large space shuttle I basically watched my Dad build over Christmas break. After that I was hooked, and every Christmas I could count on a model or two I'd then spend Christmas break working on. Eventually, I was making them whenever I wanted, as many as I wanted -  NASCAR, stock racing cars, funny cars, dragsters, hotrods - especially when I started making them from scratch. It's funny, while some horror writer kids grew up making Universal Monster models, I was making anything with wheels.

I was only ever an average modeler - I was too impatient, cut too many corners, and went too fast - but I loved modeling, and bullt maybe twenty or thirty of them before leaving for college. Last year, on a whim, I took it back up again, and, as it turns out, I'm still only average, but still love doing it, as you can see in the results below...