Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My Stuff: Vintage Soda

Those of you following my Facebook no doubt learned of my mother's passing late Sunday night. I'm continuing my little blog series, however, because we know she's at peace and out of pain, and writing always makes one feel better, regardless the circumstances. So, without further ado....

I'm not sure where my love for old fashioned soda bottles came from. I was just always drawn to them, I guess. They represented another time and culture, a world very different from my own, yet still very much the same. Of course, my thoughts back then weren't so articulated. I just thought they were COOL.

When I was a kid, most of the soda bottles (because all soda was in glass back then, because soda bottled in glass TASTES BETTER), were plain, oblong things, but you could still buy old fashioned Coke and Pepsi bottles. My great grandmother always had one for us every time we visited, and again - I wish I'd saved more of those.

Luckily, by the time I was a senior, I discovered that the soda machine in the faculty room in school dispensed old school bottles of soda for a quarter. Thus, I often snuck into the faculty room (ready with an excuse about looking for a teacher to ask about a homework assignment), to not only grab myself a cheap soda, but also a cool looking bottle.

I find a lot of them alongside the road in my walls. Someday, I might even spend a little bit of money and try to acquire one of each brand from the sixties or seventies. For right now, though, I'll be happy as a clam finding them for free.